BLS US Employment by Industry!/vizhome/BLSUSEmploymentbyIndustry/Dashboard1

Raw data gathered with a bit of python code to collect various .xlsx files on each industry, then including only the most granular data-sets possible (i.e. removing broader categorizations).

Compiled the various excel files with Power Query and made an index of employees in each industry to better compare growth across different industries.

Would like to learn how to use the BLS’s API properly, but instructions weren’t that user friendly for my use case. Additionally, the API limits a data-set to having at most 20 years of data, and I wanted a bit more history than that.

My python code kind of ‘hacks’ the web interface, in that it uses a POST request that a browser normally sends to request data-sets via BLS webpage. The code sends the same requests but then just via a command-line process and saves the requested files. Since it’s 889 requests it’s not really feasible to download them all manually.

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