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My work mainly focused on generation of KPIs or on business process improvement.

Creation and maintenance of KPIs built in Tableau and Excel. Majority of analysis in Excel was conducted with PowerQuery and/or PowerPivot. Tableau was my preference for visualizing the output of the analysis done in Excel and mixing in live data from sources like a SQL server.

A significant portion of my time went to managing and improving the process for inputting timesheet related data. The original process involved timesheet data being input into several locked fields in a Microsoft Word template.
After the template was filled out by an individual, it was uploaded to a shared folder. Timesheets would have to be individually opened and checked for errors. The timesheet data would then be read from the Word document fields by a lengthy VBA code as part of a custom input process in a Microsoft Access database. The process of manually checking the documents and then allowing the VBA code in Access to read the data and input it to the Access Database took weekly around 5-8 hours. The actual input of data itself took at least 45 minutes or longer depending on the amount of files (the code to open and input data from files would loop for each file; this made the amount of time to input scale linearly with the amount of files to input).

I maintained the Access database and worked with others to better understand the process and improve the database structure as well as the process for collecting and inputting data for it. The end products of this were a new Microsoft Excel input template and a way to collect and consolidate all data automatically in one sheet. This allowed me to add some sanity checks and highlight potential errors in the data along with file where the suspected error occurred. In the end, this reduce the entire process time to around 1-2 hours, and reduced the actual input of data to less than 5 minutes, with the amount of files to input no longer scaling with input time in a linear manner.

Using GE’s tools, I set up scheduled extracts of data which are uploaded automatically to a shared cloud folder. This enabled a person who syncs the folder to have their reports refreshed with a single mouse click. Direct querying was unfortunately not possible due to compliance reasons.

I worked with the sourcing manager of the project to help create a forecast for the remainder of the project, linked to actual spending and PO numbers in SAP. I improved the structure of the file, and created a rule-based transformation process of the data on different sheets to make the updating of an overview table automatic when input data was changed.

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